Smile Cube

Smile Cube

Anyone can enjoy the board game Smile Cube. Simply select groups of two or more blocks that share a common block by clicking on them. New colored blocks will be generated as older ones fall to the ground. The goal is to remove all traces of color and not leave any gaps. These colorful blocks will harden into stone if they are abandoned and not removed soon. The higher your score, the more colored blocks you must destroy.

If you play for five days in a row, you'll unlock the final trophy and win the game. You can join the team starting with the next match. If you want to maximize the quantity of points you receive, you shouldn't wait to start playing. The game's visuals are basic but stunning, and the levels are intricately crafted and difficult to master. Smile Cube is not only a fun way to kill time, but also a beneficial mental workout. Relax with other games like Mahjong Royal.



Click to delete identical blocks next to each other.

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