SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

This is a fun bubble popping game called SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter. It features some adorable smiley faces. You are invited to have a good time and laugh with the happy bubbles that are waiting for you. Explore hundreds of levels and gather all of the available minifigures, animals, and accessories. Find at least three identical bubbles and then burst them.

Every successful hit will result in a bonus bubble that adds a little bit more charge to the total. After the soap bubble has been loaded, you will be able to use it in place of your previously saved Smileys. It will pop any bubbles that it comes into contact with.

It is not required that you pop every single bubble in order to advance through the levels. The conclusion of a stage is dependent on whether or not the player has achieved all of the stage's objectives. It's possible that one of these special missions will require you to collect smileys or clover.

Bear in mind that you have the option of exchanging the Smiley you are currently using for the Smiley that comes after it. If you believe that a different order would be more advantageous, you can change it by tapping the circular arrows.



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