Sonic Rush Toilet

Sonic Rush Toilet

The hilarious and endearing Sonic makes an appearance in the enjoyable game Sonic Rush: Toilet. Your objective is to assist Sonic in making a break for the restroom as rapidly as possible. Sonic has a stomachache and needs your assistance navigating the various obstacles on his way to the bathroom. Can you make it through all 40 of the more difficult levels? You'll encounter many roadblocks along the route, such as buckets, characters, and other impediments. Being considerate and not making waves will get you far.

The objective of each level is to reach the restroom, but there are a variety of challenges along the way. In order to quickly reply, you can either hop from one platform to another or monitor the situation as it unfolds. You can play Super Mario and Sonic if you enjoy games starring the Sonic characters.



Use the arrow keys to move the character jump and the right mouse click to break the boxes and other objects.

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