Sort It Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It Water Sort Puzzle is an entertaining and addicting puzzle game. You must classify various colored liquids here. You can move on to the next level after successfully sorting the colors. With each level, the challenge will gradually grow. How many levels can you get through? The intriguing aspect of the game is that the watercolor sorting puzzle game interface is really simple, and the arranging operation is simple, but it may greatly improve your logic ability.

You can use hints if you get stuck. Try to finish the puzzle as soon as possible. There are numerous intriguing levels to challenge. Arrange the liquids by color and fill a glass with liquids of the same hue. Use logic to solve puzzles and advance rapidly through levels. Each level is difficult but exciting for the player. You may also try out other games like Park Me.



Use left mouse to play.

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