Spooky Bubble Shooter

Spooky Bubble Shooter

A bubble-shooting game with a spooky twist,"Spooky Bubble Shooter" is a lot of fun. The pumpkin crop has been taken prisoner. You must rescue every last one of them. Fight off the evil creatures by being a hero.

55 challenging levels await you as you take on all the scary characters. Goal is to get as many points as possible by popping bubbles. You can use a variety of special items to increase your chances of success in each level. You can also remove the rays from the top of the screen, swap bubbles, and drop cluster bombs.

Playing this will feel like you're shooting bubbles. Boosters range from those found in traditional bubble shooters to those inspired by the supernatural. After one taste, you'll be hooked. So, why hold off? Get your hands on the scary bubble gun right away!



Put your finger on the screen or grab a mouse.

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