Steve Hardcore

Steve Hardcore

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Steve in Steve Hardcore! Green monsters are scattered everywhere, and your mission is to collect all the obsidian pieces. Once you gather them all, head towards the opened black hole. Go through the black hole and find the portal in the cave. Your goal is to reach the portal safely. Keep in mind that you're in hardcore mode, and you only have three chances to fail. If you exceed three deaths, all levels will be reset, and you'll start from the beginning.

How To Play

Use either WASD or the arrow keys to move and jump. Be sure to jump over pits, traps, and other obstacles and dangers. If you encounter creepers, zombies, or other monsters, jump on top of their heads to eliminate them. Avoid direct contact with them, as it will result in losing the game.

Explore from one treasure chest to another and collect their rewards. Additionally, try to gather as many black blocks as possible throughout the levels. It's that simple!

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