Super Mario Wheelie

Super Mario Wheelie

Welcome to Super Mario Wheelie! In this game, you'll help Mario conquer a new challenge. Hop on your motorcycle and navigate through all the game's levels with skill and precision.

How To Play

As Mario gears up to showcase his impressive stunt abilities, it's up to you to keep the front wheel of the motorcycle elevated without letting it touch the ground. To lift the front wheel, simply press the left mouse button, but be careful not to hold it for too long. Holding it longer will tilt the bike backward, so quick taps will provide forward momentum while keeping the front wheel up. 

Once you start performing perfect wheelies, aim to raise the front tire high enough to collect coins and achieve the highest score. Watch out for the tricky "Red Shells" that are eager to catch you off guard, so plan your wheelies strategically. Remember, if the front wheel touches any surface, including the shells, you'll have to restart from the beginning.

Mouse to play.

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