Super Megabot Adventure

Super Megabot Adventure

Super Megabot Adventure is a fun game based on the Megabot movies. In this world, you can transform into clever robots or even a personality-filled automobile. The war between groups of robots is becoming increasingly intense, and you are obliged to take part in this stressful battle. Pick up your weaponry and prepare to face off against other formidable robots. In the store, you can learn amazing talents and purchase more weapons.

There are two appealing game modes: survival mode and mission mode. You can select your preferred game mode. You must attempt to complete the provided mission in mission mode. Take down your opponents while keeping your heart safe, and you'll be able to receive the gold and loot you deserve. To live in survival mode, you must fight hard. You will come across planes, robots, automobiles, and other opponents that you must shoot down. Use every opportunity to improve your weapons and become stronger.



Move and jump with WASD, aim and fire with the mouse, change weapons with E and Q, space, F, and C for abilities, and transform your robot into a new form by pressing the shift key.

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