An arcade-style casual game, Timberman is reminiscent of the golden age of gaming. To succeed in the logging industry, one must be adept at sawing wood while avoiding obstacles like branches. An easy task, it seems. Mastery is not required, and neither is ease of play. Compete with other players to achieve the highest score possible. Professional lumberjacks need to have excellent hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and concentration skills.

There are 104 playable lumberjacks, dozens of explorable environments, and other surprises waiting for you. Master the art of carpentry and see your name at the top of the rankings! Train to be a carpenter! Be careful not to sever any branches while you are chopping, trimming, and slicing the wood. You can improve your skills and rise to the top of leaderboards in this easy-to-learn but challenging game.

As a lumberjack, you'll be racing the clock to fell as many trees as possible. You'll need to make quick decisions if you want to keep from encroaching on nearby branches. That being said, which is preferable: Both left and right cuts are possible. An answer to this query can be found in a few milliseconds. If you get this question right, you'll go down in history as the greatest Timberman of all time.


In order to chop down a tree, use your mouse or touch screen to select a side.

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