TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

The sequel to the popular game Trollface Quest Horror is called TrollFace Quest: Horror 2. This adaptation features several tense and taxing moments. To what extent do you feel prepared to face this challenge?

To change the world, one scene at a time. This game's rules are unfair. When you make something original, you gain access to new areas. Zombie hordes, vampires, and sharks are just some of the ghastly personalities you'll encounter.

The total number of playable levels is 16. Though initially you can only access the first level. As soon as you finish a level, you must complete it by finding all the secrets. Helpful hints are available if you find yourself in a bind. Are you brave enough to face the game's terrifying characters? There are also numerous scary games like Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night and Halloween Ghost Balls.


Make use of the mouse to interact with the game.

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