Winx Club: Dress Up

Winx Club: Dress Up

Winx Club: Dress Up is a Fun Activity for Girls! Your job is to look presentable by applying makeup and wearing clothes that are loose-fitting. Your very own collection will be crafted with the assistance of six different Winx Club girls.

You will need to decide what the primary content will be first. This could refer to the color of their skin, eyes, lips, hairstyle, or mouth. You have the ability to modify the colors used for each of these assets in order to make them conform to your individual tastes. You have the choice between going the traditional route or venturing into uncharted territory.

After that, you should go through the clothes that are hanging in your closet and try some of them on. Examine each of the different classifications. Continue on your journey until you find the perfect item.

You can now begin your career as a fashionista! Dress up and accessorize your favorite character with clothes and other items. Ao dai, necklace, jeans, shoes, sunglasses, you can name it. Take some pictures to keep as a record!


To choose the items that are most important to you, tap or click on them.

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