Word Wipe

Word Wipe

Using Word Wipe, you can look for specific words. When you use two or more letters together to form a word, those letters will be removed from your grid. Because of this, we now have a truly singular combination. Don't forget that you can read a letter from any angle.

Picking the letters of the word allows you to delete cells. Once the tiles are gone, the letters in the ceiling will fit into place. Adjacent letter combinations allow for the formation of new words. You need at least three characters for a valid word.

You must hurry if you want to complete your task before the timer runs out. At higher levels, you'll be able to clear out additional rows. When you successfully complete a level's line clearance challenge, the game will award you with a bomb that can be used to destroy the level's chosen section.



To make words and clear rows, connect the letters.

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