Yummy Tales

Yummy Tales

In Yummy Tales, in order to complete all of the challenges, you must travel along the circuitous route around the farm. You can get food for the animals by matching three or more symbols that look the same.

Assist Oscar, a cute little dog, in finding matching pairs to feed the farm animals in this amusing matching game. There are 900 stages for you to play through, and each day that you return to the game will reward you with something new.

A bomb will result from using more than three items. If four of the same item are lined up, the bomb will destroy an entire row or column.These bombs have a white outline around them.

By accumulating stars, hidden chests can be located throughout the farm. Typically, they'll have one of the four useful boosters that can be used to clear the way of random obstacles. To progress to the next area of the map, you'll also need stars to activate the portals.



There is a finite number of actions required to solve each puzzle. The animals will share their favorite foods with you. Make a trade so that you have at least three of everything you want, whether it be tomatoes, berries, bell peppers, or anything else.

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