Zombie PACMAN is a unique twist on the classic Pac-Man game. The objective remains the same: navigate through a maze and collect all the pellets. However, in this version, the game takes on a whole new look.

Zombie Pacman features immersive 3D graphics and a different perspective. You view the game from a zoomed-in angle, looking down on your character. With the 3D aspect, you can only see a portion of the map at a time. The major difference lies in the graphics themselves—you play as a human, trapped in a maze, and pursued by zombies.

How to Play

Just like in regular Pacman, you start with 3 lives. However, due to the limited camera angle, being cautious is crucial for survival. Since you can only see a section of the map, zombies can surprise you at any moment. Additionally, the zombies in Zombie PACMAN may seem faster than the ghosts in the original game, adding to the challenge.

Your most powerful asset in Zombie Pacman is the 4 brains located in each corner of the map. These brains replace the power pellets from traditional Pac-Man. When you consume a brain, you transform into a zombie, and the zombies become humans. Beware, though, as there is no warning when the brain pellet is about to expire. You might accidentally run into a zombie if you're not careful. A helpful tip is to use the brain pellet to scatter the zombies and make a quick escape. As you clear each level in Zombie Pacman, you'll progress to the next. However, if you lose all three lives, it's game over.

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