Sheep Sheep!

Sheep Sheep!

The game Sheep Sheep! transports players to a rural setting replete with a wide variety of farm animals, flora, and implements. Despite its reputation as a mind-bending match-3 and puzzle experience, the game's early goings are rather straightforward. However, the game becomes progressively more challenging as you go to higher levels.

If you want to move on to the next level, you'll have to clear the initial layer of bricks first. Mix and match the three textures in the tray bar below by finding the ones that are identical but at different heights. The textured ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for a farm or agricultural setting. Quickly activate the newly unlocked cobs, buckets, or rakes to topple the structure. In addition, you can also refer to some games with the same theme such as Tasty Match and Garden Tales 2.




The game's rules are straightforward: to get rid of one of the final seven tiles, players need only place three matching squares on the tile. To use the next block layer, it must be put into the slots in the previous layer that match its shape. 

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